Thursday, August 25, 2011

Helping Your Aging Parents--Consolidating Tasks

Senior Thursday

Last week we talked about creating a list of everything that needs to be done for your aging parents. Now that you have compiled that list, see if there are any tasks that can be consolidated with your own.

• Consolidate banking accounts to one bank so you only have to make one trip.
• Set up automatic bill-paying with utilities, insurance companies, etc., or ask to have the due dates the same as yours so you are only writing out bills once.
• Coordinate refills at the pharmacy with the days you pick up your own.
• Shop at the same grocery store as the elder and drop off the groceries on your way home. If your relative doesn’t live near you, consider setting up a grocery delivery system. It costs a bit more, but saves you time.
• Schedule appointments for the hairdresser, dentist, etc. at the same time. Of course, one of you may have to switch the salon you visit, but it’s worth saving the extra trip.
• Prepare an extra serving or two while making your own meals and freeze or store them for your parent(s).
• Hire a housekeeper for yourself or the elder.

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