Thursday, August 11, 2011

Safety in the Home for Seniors

Senior Thursday

Independence is important to everyone. So it is no surprise that seniors prefer to stay in their own home rather than move into assisted living. Unfortunately, they don't always have the mental or physical capability to be on their own.

If they refuse to move, then family members should make certain the house is as safe an environment as possible for the senior.

• Falls are a major problem. Take away anything that would cause a fall, such as throw rugs and cords. Also, transitions from room to room should be flat and safe.
• Furniture can be a hazard. Are corners sharp? Would chairs tip over easily? Can the senior lower him/herself into the chair easily, and get up without help?
• Kitchens pose many threats. Floors can be slippery when wet. Fires can start with loose clothing or forgetting to turn off appliances. Cleaning supplies can be mistaken for beverages.
• Bathrooms are especially hazardous. The obvious is falls. They can happen from water on the floor, or slippery tubs. Any electrical appliances can pose a threat near water also.

Any senior living alone should have their home inpsected for potential hazards. To learn more about this service that Prima By Design offers, call 847-955-1822. The fee for a safety check is far less than the cost of a hospitalization.

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