Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Organizing Project Files--Part Three

Writer Wednesday

Every project you begin needs to be tracked. You will have research files at the start of the process, documents while composing drafts, submission records, edits and marketing efforts. There will be many versions of the same project as it goes through editing phases. Therefore, you will need to keep track of all these versions.

There are storage needs for both hard copy and electronic records. They should mirror each other for easiest retrieval.

11. Perform monthly back-ups of new files to external storage such as an external hard drive, CD or USB flash drive. Or subscribe to an online back-up service that automatically backs up any new files as they are created.
12. Keep a final version of every project in external storage.
13. Copy all your files to an external source at least once a year (even if you have online storage.)
14. Exchange back-up files with a friend for safe off-site storage.
15. Keep a hard copy of the final version of every project within easy access so it is readliy available for copying or faxing.

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