Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Maximize Your Space

Tips for Tuesday

Even though houses seem to be getting bigger and bigger, we've accumulated so much stuff, even large rooms and closets can't always hold what we need. In that case, the best solution is to get rid of some of your stuff.

There are instances, however, where the house or apartment is just plain small, and a challenge for the home owner. But there are ways to maximize the space to make it a comfortable but functional living area.

• Go vertical. Use wall space all the way up to the ceiling. This might be shelving or tall cabinets. When storing your possessions, containerize smaller items, and label all bins.
• Use multi-purpose furniture. Purchase storage ottomans for the family room. Use a file cabinet as an night stand in the guest room. Use a tall, narrow dresser in the bathroom to store toiletries.
• Use the attic. Install a floor, then add storage units such as bins, portable closets and hooks.
• Overhead storage. This can be utilized in the basement or garage. If your basement isn't finished, install hooks/rods in the rafters and hang items like wreaths, holiday decorations and off season clothes. For garages, use hooks in the rafters, or install drop-down shelving over your cars.
• Use nooks and crannies. Corners are great for storing less-used items. Or build shallow nooks into your walls to hold magazines, display collectibles or store bottles/cans.
• Use the space under your stairs. If you have any stairs in your house, there is space beneath them. Make a bookshelf, install a closet, or use it for seasonal storage.

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