Monday, March 12, 2012

Tipping the Movers

Moving on Monday

People have different opinions on whether or not to tip movers. Many feel that the move itself is expensive, so why should they pay even more money for the move? Others feel that the movers work hard and should be rewarded for a job well done.

In reality, the movers don't walk away with much money for themselves at the end of the day. Most of it goes to the moving company. But movers, like waitresses and hairdressers, are in the service industry, and therefore should be tipped.

Ultimately, it is your decision. If you do decide to tip, there are some guidelines to consider. Tips aren't determined as a percentage of the bill. They are decided on the number of hours worked. For a short day (4-5 hours), then $10/person is acceptable. For an 8-hour day, $20/person is acceptable. For extremely long days, $40/person would be a good benchmark.

If you decide to tip the movers, give each of them the tip individually, and not to the foreman. It shows your appreciation for each of them, and also avoids unscrupulous foremen pocketing all the money.

Instead of a monetary tip, providing lunch and beverages for the movers is acceptable. Check food preferences with them before purchasing. Cold beverages (water or energy drinks) should be available throughout the day.

Supplying both lunch and a monetary tip is, of course, acceptable, and shows appreciation for a job well done.

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