Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Creative Uses for a Niche

Tips for Tuesday

Some houses have interesting architetural features like columns, crown molding or fireplaces. Some of these features are useful. Others, like a niche, are pleasing to the eye fomr the outside, but serve little function inside.

So what's a homeowner to do with the space that's often not much larger than a closet?

Do you need storage? Install a rod for hanging clothes or shelves for totes. Then put a curtain across the front to hide the items from view. If the space has a window, cover it with a transluscent fabric or drapery to let light in, but hide the contents from the outside.

Do you need an office? Install a desktop, add a file cabinet underneath, shelving above, and you have yourself a small space for paying bills or writing out your grocery list. You may have to run electricity to the space, and a hole/grommet in the desktop so you can have a light and laptop there for you.

Do you like to read? Build a bench, add a cushion and pillows, and the natural light form the window will give you a serene place to read and relax.

Do you need a place to hide toys? Build a bench in the space, add a hinged lid (with safety clasps), or doors on the front. The toys will have a home and your kids will have a place to sit and read.

Do you have an unusual collection to display? One that won't get ruined by sunlight? Install shelves across the window and use them to display items like colored glass bottles or prisms.

Is there limited space in the bedroom? Push a twin bed into the space and use the window and draperies as a makeshift headboard.

If you don't want to build anything permanent in the space, then place a comfy chair and lamp in the nook for reading, place a small desk for doing homework, put in a small bookcase for open storage, or use the space for a small dresser.

What creative uses have you come up with for a niche?

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