Thursday, March 22, 2012

Resources for Seniors

Senior Thursday

As a large part of the population continues to age, they require special services unique to the elderly. Some are a result of health issues, and some are monetary. They may find themselves unable to live in a two-story house because of navigating the stairs. If they already have a ranch home, then perhaps the yard is too much to maintain.

Some seniors can't perform simple personal tasks, such as bathing. So in addition to needing help with their home, they need help for themselves. Others may be healthy, but are struggling financially. In these cases, they need help paying for meds or paying bills.

So where do they find resources for assistance? They may need caregivers, medical advice, housing assistance, or information on laws protecting them. One place for both federal and state resources is This is a great start for many issues facing the elderly today, including raising grandchildren, something new to this generation of grandparents.

Local townships offer great resources also, as do hospitals. These resources include everything from free meal delivery to in-home nursing care. Don't be afraid to ask. Sometimes you can't do it all on your own.

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