Friday, March 23, 2012

Should I Stock Up on Sale Items?

Frugal Friday

We all like to save money, so when something is on sale, why not save even more money by buying more of the item on sale? It seems to make sense, but is it really saving you money? That depends.

There are several factors to consider when stocking up on sale items.
First is storage space. If paper towels are on sale, and you decide to buy five cases, where will you keep those cases until they are used up? If you buy ten tubes of toothpaste, which are small, will they fit in your linen closet?

Second, will you use it up before the next time it goes on sale? Perhaps the tomato soup is a really great deal, but will you use 24 cans before the next sale? If you watch the ads regularly, you can follow how often items are on sale. Some are seasonal, some are as often as monthly. If you know it will be on sale again soon, by just enough to last you until the next time.

Third is perishables. Yes, the orange juice might be a great deal, but will you use everything you buy before it spoils or expires? The same goes for anything perishable. If you are able to freeze the item, then consider purchasing more. But always keep in mind how much you will use, and whether or not you have the room to freeze it. And don't forget, food goes bad in the freezer, too.

Fourth, don't buy super-sized items or mega packages unless you know you like the product. If it's something new on the market, or a new flavor, don't buy it in a large size. You may not like it, and it's wasted money when you throw it away.

Finally, is it worth the drive? If you have to drive several miles to buy one item (sometimes the store limits quantity), is it worth the cost of gas and your time?

Be frugal, but be smart.

What items have you stored up on recently?

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