Monday, March 5, 2012

Moving With Pets

Moving On Monday

Moving is stressful. Add in pets, and it can be a disaster. That is, unless you are prepared for the day. You have packed and scheduled the move, and planned the layout in your new home. But did you plan for taking care of your pets?

Here are some things you can do to help you and your furry kids through the few days surrounding the move.

• Arrange for boarding for your cats and dogs. They should not be underfoot. Don't plan on keeping them in the yard or garage "out of the way" because the odds are high that they could slip out during the chaos.
• Have all your pets up to date on their medications and vaccinations.
• If you are moving to another town and changing veterinarians, ask for a copy of your pets' records to bring with you.
• If you are driving with your pets, have a crate or cage for each one, along with a leash in the car.
• If you need to stay in a motel for a cross-country move, look for facilities that are pet-friendly.
• Have plenty of water, food and toys in the car for a long drive.
• Pets should be wearing their tags/IDs at all times.
• If you are moving to another state, check laws for entry of animals into the state. Some states have quarantine laws.
• Give your pets time to get accustomed to the new home.
• If your pet has an ID chip, be sure to update your address and phone number with the company.

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