Friday, March 16, 2012

Frugal Uses for Kitchen Items

Frugal Friday

As the cost of groceries and gas continue to rise, we are looking for more and more ways to save money elsewhere. Coupons can save money. Purchasing second-hand can save money. Another way to save money is to use everyday household items for purposes other than for what they are intended. It's called "Re-purposing." Here are some ideas:

• Use an empty egg carton or ice cube tray for earrings or rings in your dresser drawer.
• Use an empty egg carton to hold paperclips and other small items in your desk drawer.
• Use empty checkbook boxes (or other small boxes) for dividers in your kitchen drawers.
• Use a muffin tin to play sorting games with your children.
• Make a funnel from the top of a soda bottle.
• Empty baby food jars can hold screws, nails, beads, or buttons.
• Large glass jars can be filled with candy, topped with fabric and ribbon, then presented as a gift.
• Glass jars can be used as vases—with or without decorating.
• Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle and use it as a scoop for bird food or dog food.

What have you re-purposed in your kitchen?


Hope White, Author said...

I've been reusing all kinds of containers, even small plastic ones from the store! You'd be surprised how well they fit a small amount of leftovers. I also used a longer plastic container as a vegetable organizer.

Michelle said...

And they don't even have to be reused for food items! They can hold anything from paperclips to buttons.