Thursday, December 15, 2011

Using Technology to Keep Seniors Safe

Senior Thursday

With the aging population rapidly increasing, there is also a large number of them staying in their homes. Sometimes they have a spouse or relative living with them. Sometimes they do not. And when they don't, there are risks to living alone. One of these is health issues. When seniors live alone, there is no one to monitor their medication, diets or health.

Today's technology can help. With monitoring services, family members and health care personnel have the ability to watch their parents or loved ones from remote locations.

There are systems that can remind seniors to take their medication. Considering 30 percent of hospitalizations for seniors are a result of incorrect dosing or missed doses, this is a very valuable service.

Another service available is video monitoring. This is especially important for Alzheimer's patients who might wander off and get lost. This would also be valuable for watching them when they cook, or if they fall.

Emergency buttons for alerting authorities (i.e. Life Alert) is a unit a senior can wear around the house. If they fall and injure themselves, and can't get to a phone, a push of the button will connect them to their local emergency services. Some adult communities also offer this sort of service.

So if you can't be near your loved ones, consider signing them up for one of these services--for your peace of mind as well as theirs.

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