Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last-Minute Tips for the Holidays

Tips for Tuesday

We're in the final days of preparation for the holidays. Are you ready for the parties, travel or out-of-town guests? Here are some reminders for the coming days:

• Pick up some generic gifts, such as gift cards or baskets for those last-minute names on your list.
• Have empty tins on hand to pack up homemade cookies as hostess gifts.
• Don't forget to send a little something to the service people in your life--hair dresser, trash collector, mailman, maid, etc.
• Have toiletries and linens on hand in your guest bath for visitors.
• Keep a list of those who send you Christmas cards so you can return the favor next year.
• Check your pantry/refrigerator for all the ingredients you will need for cooking Christmas dinner.
• Confirm any reservations you've made--restaurant, travel, etc.
• If you are attending parties, check with the hostess ahead of time so you have gifts for everyone who will be there.
• If you are hosting a party, check with guests for any special dietary needs.
• Check the batteries in your cameras. Charge if necessary, or buy extras.

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