Thursday, December 1, 2011

Safety During the Winter

Senior Thursday

Safety is always a concern for the senior population. But winter presents unique challenges. There are storms, cold weather, and travel during the holidays. It is difficult enough to get out of the house for many, especially those that are disabled. Trying to get around in the snow and ice is worse. Here are some cautions you can take for a safe winter.

• Don't drive during a snow storm. Stay home if you know one is approaching. Nothing is worth having an accident and possibly losing your life.
• Don't go outside if the walks are icy or snowy. This also includes that 50-ft walk to the mailbox. If the driveway or walkway looks wet, it may be icy underfoot.
• Have someone else run errands for you if you can't get out.
• Keep extra hat, mittens, scarf in your car just in case your car breaks down in the cold. Never go looking for help. Stay in your car. It is more visible than you are in a storm.
• Have a plan in place in case your power goes out. Keep a cell phone charged, and flashlights handy.
• Don't shovel heavy snow. Have a neighbor or family member shovel for you. Even sweeping the steps can be dangerous.
• Keep salt on hand for your steps and walkway.
• Keep extra groceries on hand during the winter months in case you can't get out.

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