Monday, December 12, 2011

Showing Your Home During the Holidays

Moving on Mondays

It is important to keep your house looking its best while it is on the market. This can be challenging if you have children, pets, or work full time. It can also be challenging during the holidays. Besides being busy with preparations, you have all that extra…clutter…around the house.

There's gifts, wrapping paper, decorations, cookies, and cards. You have packages to wrap and ship, recipes to find and bake, and cards to write, address and stamp. While projects in process can usually be left out, it's not a good idea when your house is on the market. You don't want the home to look too cluttered.

Here are some tips for keeping your home neat while it's on the market during the holidays:

• Keep decorations to a minimum. Don't overdo it by covering every inch of space with garland, trees or knick-knacks. Select a few key areas to decorate. Respect the fact that others may not share your traditions. Some potential buyers may be turned off by a home that is screaming "Christmas."
• Don't overcrowd rooms. Decorations can take up valuable floor space. Placing your tree in the corner means the chair has to come out into the middle of the room. Keep pathways clear, and store extra furniture off site if possible.
• Don't have packages (wrapped or unwrapped) piled under the tree. This is a prime time for thefts. Potential buyers may be thieves casing your house.
• Baking cookies can fill your home with wonderful aromas. Just make sure to put away all the ingredients and bake ware when you are done.
• If you are traveling during the holidays, let your real estate agent know you will be out of town. Put your lights on timers so the home is never dark during the hours it might be shown.

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