Friday, December 2, 2011

Saving Money on Sports & Fitness

Frugal Friday

Not everyone can afford a membership to a gym, or expensive equipment in their home. Yet, it is important to exercise and maintain your health. Here are some ways to save on sports and fitness.

• Place tennis balls in the microwave for 30 second to restore their bounciness.
• Store your baseball glove with a ball in its palm so it retains its shape.
• Talk to a pro or consult online forums before investing in sports equipment. Many times, the lower priced items are just as good quality as top of the line items.
• Stock up on your favorite shoes when they go on sale.
• Check bulletin boards and web sites for free running groups and yoga classes, often sponsored by local stores or gyms.
• Your local YMCA usually offers the same classes as a pricey health club, at half the cost.
• Purchase health club memberships at the end of the month or year when employees are trying to meet their quota and will give you better deals.
• Don't sign a contract with a health club that you can't cancel at any time.
• Cancel any memberships to facilities if you haven't attended them in two months.
• Borrow exercise DVDs from the library rather than purchasing them.
• Play golf during the week when fees are lower.

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