Friday, December 23, 2011

Saving Money on Entertainment

Frugal Friday

In these leaner times, we still want to have fun. We may not be able to afford the exotic vacations or the extreme sports in which we once indulged. But we still want to escape from the daily drudge of working and have a little fun. Here are some ways to save on entertainment.

• Ticket prices are lower in college communities or the suburbs rather than the big city.
• Do not purchase season tickets or passes unless you are absolutely sure you will get your money's worth back in attendance.
• Find out if any area museums or attractions have days when they offer free or discounted admission.
• Join clubs with free membership. They often have programs and activities.
• Make use of discounts you already have through AAA or other memberships.
• Scale back on your cable package. Keep track of all the channels you watch over the course of a week, and see if less expensive packages include those channels.
• Bundle your entertainment (cable, internet) with the same company for lower fees.
• Volunteer at a local theater or performing arts venue whose programs you enjoy. You'll be able to see the programs for free.
• Read the newspaper and magazines online.

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