Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily Tips for Get Organized Month!

Continuing our feature for the month--here are the remainder of the daily tips for January, Get Organized Month!

Day 22 Tip of the Day
Do you lose track of paying bills? Use a tickler file to hold important papers and reminders. Check it daily to keep on top of everything.

Day 23 Tip of the Day
When filing papers, take out any old ones as you put in new ones. It will make year-end sorting much easier for tax purposes.

Day 24 Tip of the Day
If you purchase anything that comes with a warranty, record the purchase date, purchase price, model number and serial number on the warranty. Claims will be much easier.

Day 25 Tip of the Day
Recycle everything you can through your local waste collection. If there are things they don’t take, like electronics, check with your county for special drop-off stations.

Day 26 Tip of the Day
Look through the contacts in your address book and electronic mail. Delete what you can and make any necessary changes to phone numbers, etc.

Day 27 Tip of the Day
You should have one place to go for all important information. Create a Home Organizer Notebook to hold school, medical, work, family info, etc.

Day 28 Tip of the Day
Make it a habit to look ahead a week or two on your calendar. Are there upcoming events that need an RSVP or gift? Are there bills to pay or reservations to make? Don’t wait until the last minute.

Day 29 Tip of the Day
Make life simple—learn to say “no”. The more you volunteer, the more you are asked. Set limits for yourself, and volunteer for those tasks that mean the most to you.

Day 30 Tip of the Day
Keep a box near your back door for donations. When you are driving in that direction, take the box, no matter how full. Start a new one when you get home.

Day 31 Tip of the Day
You’ve done a great job this month! Reward yourself! In fact, reward yourself for any accomplishment, no matter how small. You deserve it!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daily Tips for Get Organized Month!

Here are tips for Week Three:

Day 15 Tip of the Day
If you are overwhelmed by clutter, start in one room, one area in that room. Work until it’s done. You will see progress after a few hours, and it will motivate you to keep going.

Day 16 Tip of the Day
Are all surfaces in your home cluttered with papers and knick knacks? Clear them to the bare minimum. Your mind will feel as clear as your space.

Day 17 Tip of the Day
Make it easier to find what you want by putting it in order—sort books by subject, movies by titles or genre, etc. Spend more time relaxing instead of searching.

Day 18 Tip of the Day
When displaying pieces of your collections, use the rule of three. Have only three of each collection on display and store or donate the rest.

Day 19 Tip of the Day
Stay healthy this year. Clean out your fridge and pantry. Discard expired foods, and sort the rest by category. Do you have what you need to throw together some quick meals?

Day 20 Tip of the Day
Stay healthy this year. Clean out your medicine cabinet. Safely dispose of expired medicines. (Do NOT toss down the drain.) Make sure you have all the basics on hand.

Day 21 Tip of the Day
What is the first impression someone has when they walk into your home? Clear the foyer of clutter and decorate it simply with greenery and mirrors.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daily Tips for Get Organized Month!

Here are some tips for week two!

Day Eight:
Whenever you put boxes away for storage, label them clearly with the contents. If you have several with similar items, store them together and be more specific with the labels.

Day Nine:
Are there things you don’t seem to use very often? Store extra toys, kitchen gadgets, clothes, etc., away for six months. If you never need to access the items, then it’s safe to donate them after the six months is over.

Day Ten:
Put like things together—in closets, in storage, in your pantry, in your kitchen cabinets. You’ll find things more easily.

Day Eleven: Put items where you use them—pots near the stove, glasses near the sink, linens near the bedrooms, etc. It will take less time to do your chores if everything is handy.

Day Twelve:
Have a place for everything. Reduce the risk of piles by assigning everything a home, from keys and phone chargers, to paid bills and school papers. If it has a home, you’re more likely to put it away immediately.

Day Thirteen:
When you are shopping, ask yourself, do you want it or need it? That will help you decide whether or not you should bring it into your home.

Day Fourteen:
Can’t decide whether or not to keep it? Ask yourself—what’s the worst that could happen if I get rid of it? The answer will help with your decision.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daily Tips for Get Organized Month!

January is Get Organized Month! To help you on a path to an organized life, we'll be posting daily tips (in weekly segments) for the entire month of January. Here is the first set of tips:

Day One:
If you haven't bought a calender yet, do it now! Find one that suits you. Buy only one planner for both personal and business schedules so you don't double-book. Don't delay--start entering appointments today.

Day Two:
Set your goals for the coming year. Post them somewhere you will see them every morning, like the fridge or bathroom mirror, as a reminder.

Day Three:
Look at the goals you set yesterday—make a list for each one on the steps you need to take to achieve those goals. Prioritize your list, and get started!

Day Four:
You can lose sight of your goals when life gets busy. Find a partner to motivate you and keep you on track. Do the same for your partner.

Day Five:
As you are putting away your gifts from the holiday, use the one in—out one rule. For each thing (sweater, book, etc) you bring in, get rid of one old one. You’ll never run out of room!

Day Six:
Do you have returns to make from holiday gifts? Do it soon before it’s too late. Store policies differ, so make sure you have all documentation before leaving the house.

Day Seven:
You use 20% of what you own 80% of the time. That means you can safely purge 80% of everything you own! How cleansing is that?

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