Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Smooth Move

Summer is a popular time to move. The children are out of school, so life is less interrupted. But moving can still be a stressful time. Here are some tips to help make your move easier.

1) De-clutter before you move. Why pay the movers to move boxes or items you will never use again or open again in your life? Go through your house and get rid of those things you do not use or love. This includes your trophies from grammar school and all those formal dresses from proms and weddings. You will save time when packing, and save money on packing supplies.

2) Plan ahead. This includes all areas of the move. Ask around for free boxes and packing supplies. Start packing weeks before the move. Begin with those items you rarely use, or any clothing out of season. Create a list of companies and people you need to notify about change of address. Arrange for the movers, babysitters, pet sitters, etc., as needed.

3) Ask the professionals. You have enough to do without having to worry about cable and computer hook-ups, cleaning or last-minute landscaping. Hire someone to do these things for you so you can spend time on more personal matters, or on those tasks you do well.

4) Confirm, confirm, confirm. I can't say this enough. Don't get over-confident that everything will go as planned just because it should. You talked to the movers and have a date set, and know who is packing what. But you should call the week before the move and confirm the number of trucks, the number of staff, who is moving fragile items, etc. You should also call all the utilities to confirm shut-off dates, confirm cleaning services, confirm hotel and flight reservations, if possible, etc. You've set it all up, now confirm it.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. But planning ahead will make it more probable that things will go smoothly.