Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First-hand Experience

It's true what they say about experience being the best teacher. I have always been organized...okay, maybe not until I lived on my own and had no choice. At least, that's what my mother says. Regardless, I realized the benefits of being organized this past weekend.
It was a quiet Saturday morning after the holiday. I had just put a load of laundry in. Then our youngest dog started barking. She was standing on the landing looking into the basement. Let me add here that we live in the Chicago area, which was hit by heavy rains after a rapid thaw of over one foot of snow this past weekend.
My husband went to investigate. You know it can't be good when he starts with "Honey, I think you should see this."
I went downstairs to find the laundry room under water. As was the hallway back to a bathroom, the furnace room, and my office. I squished over wet carpet that led into a bedroom, just as soggy, we later learned. And the smell! It wasn't pleasant.
Our sewer ejector pump had given out during that last load of laundry. The basement was a soggy mess. So much for a quiet Saturday.
The good news out of this? I didn't have too much on the floors--at least in my areas. Just a few empty boxes from Christmas, and boxes of printing I'd had done and stored under the credenza because there wasn't room anywhere else.
My daughter, who is NOT organized, had a mess on her floor, and I came out with a bag full of garbage.
As for the furniture, that couldn't be salvaged no matter how organized I was. It's not like I could pick up my solid wood desk (complete with hutch) and move it to a dry area. Especially since my husband is recovering from a shoulder injury. It is what it is sometimes.
Another benefit of being organized is that I was able to locate my insurance agent's name and number as well as the insurance policy in less than a minute.
Lesson to be learned: Could you say the same if this happened to you? I'd like to think you answered 'yes.'
My dog's birthday is in January. Needless to say, she will be getting a special cake to celebrate.

Happy New Year!