Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who Knew a New Television Would Be a Complicated Project?

So we decided to finally join the ranks of people who own flat-screen televisions.  We’d been putting it off for various reasons, except the one right in front of our faces - the entire house would be thrown into disarray. 

Why is that?  Because it wasn’t just about buying a television. 

Our old 29” tube television fit snugly into our entertainment center.  The wall unit was eleven feet long, seven feet tall and consisted of five separate pieces.  The center unit housed the television.  The other four units were a combination of open and closed shelving.  In all, there were 26 shelves loaded with photos, books, candles, magazines and knick-knacks. 

So when my husband decided on a 55” flat-screen television, I wasn’t thrilled at the idea.  Where would it go?  His answer was simply, “We’ll get rid of this wall unit and buy a new TV stand.”  Just like that. Which is what we did.

So one week before the new television was delivered, I taped up some boxes and started filling them with the contents of the wall unit.  As I emptied all the shelves, I went through the items.  Did we need it?  Did I still like it?  Was it timely?  I found some items to donate and others were trash.  Yet, I still filled 20 boxes.  And now, the boxes fill our spare bedroom

We took the old wall unit and television out to the garage.  (I made my husband park his car in the driveway for a week.  After all, he’s the one who wanted it, right?) 

When the new TV stand and television arrived in the middle of the Stanley Cup Semi-finals, he set it up.  All five shelves and two drawers of it.  It’s a great television, don’t get me wrong.  After all, who wouldn’t want to watch the Hawks and Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals in such clarity?  Patrick Sharp was life-size, for heaven’s sake!

And yet, where is everything going to go?  So far, I’ve organized my photo cabinets downstairs to make room for the photos.  We’re going to bring my lawyer’s bookcase into the bedroom to hold the books and some knick-knacks.  Baskets will hold magazines on the bottom shelf of the new stand.  Blankets will find a home on the rocking chair.  And eventually, dear hubby will put shelves on the empty wall space around the television for our framed photos and knick-knacks. 

Will all 20 boxes get emptied?  I hope so!  If not, we’ll donate what we don’t have room for.  After all, why keep something we can’t display and honor with the same respect and admiration we had for it when we purchased it? 

Happily, we found someone who wanted the wall unit.  He came and loaded it into his truck, along with the old television.  So hubby’s car is back in the garage.

It was a project, indeed!  Mostly on my part, even though I’m not the one who wanted that particular television.  However, if I have to be honest, I am looking forward to watching the 2013-14 Blackhawks season on it.