Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Storing Off-season Clothes

Tips for Tuesday

It seems like we had our Spring/Summer in March and now it's back to Fall, despite the fact the calendar says "April".  If we pulled out our summer clothes last month, hopefully we didn't store our winter clothes yet, because we still need them.  But when it does finally warm up for good, we'll have to store our sweaters and coats.  Here are some tips for storing your off-season clothes:

·         Clean and repair everything before storing.  This includes zippers, buttons and stains.

·         If it won't fit your children next year, then don't keep it.  Hand it down or donate it.

·         Get rid of stray mittens/gloves.

·         To keep whites from fading, wrap them in white tissue paper, then in a dark color to keep out the light.

·         Store in plastic tubs rather than cardboard boxes to deter rodents and bugs.

·         Furs should be cleaned and stored professionally.

·         Leather shoes/boots should be cleaned and moisturized.  Dry thoroughly before storing. 

·         Stuff leather boots and shoes with newspaper or tissue so they don't get crushed.

·         Clean salt and dirt from snow boots before storing.

·         Clean and moisturize your leather handbags, then stuff them with paper to retain their shape.

·         Cedar lined closets or boxes work well against moths.  If you don't have a cedar closet, then use lavender sachets or moth balls to deter moths.

·         Sweaters should be stored folded rather than on hangers to retain their shape. 

·         Remove clothes from dry-cleaning bags if your storage space is damp (basement, attic).  Moisture may build up inside the bag and cause mold or mildew.

·         Fold wool blankets and store them in a cedar-lined chest.

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