Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Organizing Print Photographs

Tips for Tuesday

While many of us have digital cameras, we still have a lot of photos from print days. And lots of negatives. But can we find the photo we want when we need it? Have you put all your photos into albums, or are they randomly dumped into boxes?

Is lack of time keeping you from organizing your photos? Does the thought of taking each photo and slipping it into an album overwhelm you? It shouldn't. There are ways to organize your photographs that don't require hours of your time. So how do you get there?

First, gather all your photos together. Sort them into broad categories, such as vacation, immediate family, holidays, extended family, special events, etc. Or, if you prefer, arrange them chronologically by year.

As you sort, toss any duplicates or blurry photos. If you have two of similar scenes, select the better one and toss the second. Don't feel you have to keep every photo, especially if you don't keep in touch with the people photo, or if the shot isn't flattering. Also, put some aside for friends, family if you think they would like a copy. You can also toss most of the negatives, since technology now allows us to scan photos for reprints. Keep only those you know for sure you will be enlarging or replicating, such as wedding photos. If you do keep your negatives, keep them in their sleeves, and store them flat.

Once they are sorted, identify them on the back with a photo safe pen. Then place them in archival safe photo boxes or albums. Boxes are quick sorts. They usually come with dividers so you can label your categories. Albums will take more time, and don't hold as many photos.

Finally, keep your boxes and albums in a cool, dry place. Humidity will damage the photos.

Remember, not taking care of your photos can possibly harm them, and they will be gone forever.

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