Monday, April 2, 2012

Making the Most of Closet Space

Moving On Monday

When you move into a new home, you may or may not have the same closet space. If you are downsizing, the closets may be smaller. If you are moving up, you may have a walk-in closet. Perhaps you will have another reach-in closet, but it may or may not come with anything more than one rod at eye level.

If your new closet is nothing more than a rod and shelf, there are ways to maximize the space without a big dollar investment. Here are some ideas:

• Add a shelf above the existing shelf to use the space up to the ceiling.
• Hang all the short clothes in one place so you can use the floor space under them.
• Buy an extender and hang it from the rod to gain another rod underneath.
• Purchase canvas organizers to hang from the rod. Use for sweaters or shoes.
• Use the back of the door for scarves, belts, or shoes.
• Use cascading hangers for skirts, pants, blouses (multiple clips on one hanger).
• Use empty wall space for hooks. Hang robes, belts, etc. from hooks.
• Install a valet rod to hold clothes for airing out.
• Place a small chest of drawers in the closet if you have enough space.

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