Monday, May 21, 2012

Packing Your Student for Dorm Life - Part Two

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Packing Your Student for Dorm Life—Part Two

Last week, we began a series of articles on transitioning your high school graduate to life in a college dorm.  We looked at the basics a student would need for his/her dorm room.  This week, we'll look at personal care items they should purchase and pack.  Of course, some students have special needs, so their list will be different.  But this is a good starting point. 


·         Robe, slippers, flip-lops for shower
·         Shower Tote
·         Shampoo, conditioner, hair styling supplies
·         Hair dryer, curling iron, hair straightener
·         Hair brush, comb
·         Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash
·         Deodorant
·         Shaving cream and razors
·         Nail clipper and file
·         Moisturizers
·         Soap and soap container, mesh sponge
·         Cologne/perfume, after shave
·         Cosmetics and make-up with case
·         Cotton swabs, cotton balls/squares
·         Mirror
·         Pain reliever(s) and vitamins
·         Cold/allergy medication
·         Prescription medications
·         Glasses or contact lenses with necessary cleaning supplies
·         Ear plugs, eye mask
·         Night light
·         Bandages, tweezers, antibiotic ointment or cream
·         Hot/cold pack
·         Tissues, toilet paper
·         Laundry bag or collapsible hamper
·         Quarters for laundry (many colleges now have prepaid cards for laundry facilities)
·         Folding drying rack
·         Detergent, softener
·         Hangers
·         Towels (bath and hand), face cloths
·         Iron, compact ironing board
·         Sewing kit
·         Umbrella
·         Clothes appropriate for the environment

As always, check with your college/university for some of these items (curling irons, for example), because they may not be allowed in the room.

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