Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fun Things to Do on a Fixed Income

Senior Thursday


Many seniors are on a fixed income. Living expenses come first—rent or mortgage, food, medication and utilities. Then there's clothing and transportation, and maybe pet expenses. Before long, their monthly income is used up, leaving little, if anything, for entertainment.
That isn't to say that seniors can't be entertained on a fixed income. There are events and places to go that are free or very low cost. There are options to Broadway plays and gourmet restaurants. Here are a few ideas.

Become a Volunteer – By volunteering at film festivals, sporting events and other venues, one can experience the entertainment, and sometimes even get a free meal. Other places to volunteer are community centers, gardens and local parks. Not only do these places provide fun things to do, they are great opportunities for socializing.

Check out Your Local College or University – They often have cultural events or access to free/low cost college-level classes. Auditing classes is a way to have access to the college library and performances.

Use Your Library – Your local library contains a wealth of free entertainment. In addition to thousands of books, there are magazines, newspapers, movies and CDs. You can also access the internet for free to keep in touch with friends via email.

Check Out Community Events – Many communities have neighborhood concerts, and plays at colleges and in churches. Scour your newspaper for notices. There are also seasonal festivals, like music festivals in the summer and harvest festivals in the fall.

Enjoy Nature – So many adventures out of doors are free. Hiking, biking, picnics, etc., are all for you to enjoy at no cost. Find trails in your area.

Watch for Free Days at Museums – Many museums have one day a week that is free or very low cost for entry. Find out what these days are for the museums in your area. Arrive early and be prepared for long lines.

There's lots out there to do! Enjoy!

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