Monday, May 7, 2012

Lessons Learned When Moving

Moving on Monday

Most of us will move at least once during our lifetime.  Many of us will move over ten times.  Whether you are moving for the first time, or the fifteenth, here are some lessons I've learned from my six moves that will help you avoid some common pitfalls.

·         The number one Return on Investment when selling your home is cleaning and de-cluttering, at a 586% ROI. 
·         Each room of the house is usually about 1,000 lbs., and every 1,000 lbs. usually requires 10 boxes for a professional packer. 
·         You always need more packing supplies than you think.  Stock up early.
·         If you are in the middle of a lease on your current property, know your state laws before asking to break the lease.
·         When obtaining a quote for moving costs, ask whether the person you speak to works for the mover or for a household goods broker.  Estimates provided by a broker are not binding with the actual mover.
·         Ask if your property is covered under Full Value Protection (reimbursed at fair market value) or Release Value (reimbursed for no more than $0.60/pound of damaged property). 
·         You have the option of purchasing your own liability insurance from a third party.
·         Property coverage is not guaranteed replacement in the event of damages.  You may not be reimbursed for damaged property if you pack your boxes yourself, pack hazardous materials, or fail to inform the mover of extraordinary value items.
·         Do not sign a delivery receipt for your household goods if it contains any language about releasing or discharging your mover or its agents from liability. 
·         Be prompt in any claims you make.  You have only nine months to file a written claim.
·         If you are flying with pets, reservations should be made well in advance of your departure date as the number of pets permitted on a flight is strictly limited.
·         If you are moving pets across state lines, call or write the state veterinarian or State Department of Animal Husbandry for quarantine and rabies vaccination laws on the entry of animals.
·         Be prepared for the worst possible case scenario.  What if the truck doesn't show up, or it is too small?  What if bad weather causes delays or ruins your furniture?  Have back-up plans in place.
What have you learned over the years and moves in your life?

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