Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is a Pocket Neighborhood Right for Me?

Senior Thursday

A pocket neighborhood is a compact set of houses with common areas between them.  The houses or apartments have pedestrian walkways, gardens, courtyards, shared backyards and/or alleys, and central mailboxes.  Everything is close together.

Why are these good for seniors?  First of all, there is little maintenance.  Assessment fees often cover lawn and yard care.  Front and back yards, if private, are small. 

Another benefit is the companionship.  Because neighbors are so close to each other, they can easily visit.  Spending time with others is as easy as walking out your back door.  Houses have detached garages.  This gives neighbors the chance to see each other before disappearing inside.

That isn't to say there isn't privacy.  Windows aren't aligned to see into each other's houses.  And picket fences line the fronts of the houses to delineate property. 
The biggest benefit in these types of communities is increased socialization with others rather than isolation.  And since social contact is an important part of keeping an aging mind sharp, these communities can keep seniors healthier.

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