Friday, July 13, 2012

Spend Less on Groceries

Frugal Friday

Whether or not you have a large family, it's always nice to save money on groceries.  With the cost of gas and utilities rising, it's more important than ever to save money elsewhere.  Here are some ways to save money on your next trip to the grocery store.

·         If you find yourself going through a large amount of items quickly, ask your local grocer if they will give you a deal on buying by the case.  We used to purchase ten bags of dog food at a time to save $5 on each bag.  We shared the discount with other pet-owners.

·         Don't dilly-dally through the aisles.  Get what you need, then get out.  The longer you linger, the more impulse items you will purchase.

·         Shop around.  Comparison shop at wholesale stores and dollar stores for the items you usually purchase at your local supermarket.  Look at unit cost ($$ per ounce, or $$ per pound, etc.).  Where can you get the best price for the items you buy?

·         Use your cell phone.  You can comparison shop on your phone for best prices.  You can also use it to download store coupons.  Many supermarkets run special deals for loyal customers and offer special pricing on items you purchase on a regular basis.

·         Check online.  Visit and for deals on non-perishables.  You usually have to buy larger quantities, but the savings are better than any sale price you can get in the store. 

How have you saved money on groceries?

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