Monday, July 2, 2012

Benefits of Using Portable Storage

Moving on Monday

Portable storage usually consists of compact units a company delivers to your door for you to load.  Sometimes they stay on the property, and sometimes they are taken away and stored in a warehouse.  There are different styles and sizes of pods.  Some have canvas sides, while others are corrugated steel.  Some are large enough to hold the contents of a small apartment, while others are designed to navigate through narrow city streets. 

They differ from offsite storage in that they are delivered to you, rather than you driving your belongings somewhere.  This is the major benefit of these storage pods.  They are brought to you.  There is no need for you to rent a truck to transport your belongings to a storage facility. 

Another benefit is that they can be kept in a temperature-controlled warehouse rather than sitting in your driveway.  This will better protect your belongings. 

When you are moving, pods are useful for storing all your extra boxes and furniture to make your house look less cluttered.  Just remember that access to the pod is limited, so don't store anything you'll be needing soon.  Also, do not use them to store any valuables, as insurance coverage is limited.

Finally, pods can be a cheaper alternative to hiring a mover.  If you are physically able to load all your furniture and belongings into a pod, it is much less than paying a moving company.  Any damage to your property will be your responsibility in this case.  So take care when packing your items.

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