Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Organizing Toddlers

Since May is the month for mothers, we are devoting our blog entries to these moms. We will give tips for moms at all stages of life--new moms, moms of toddlers, step-moms and grandmothers. Every child and every day bring new experiences and new challenges. If prepared, these changes will be easier to handle.


• There are new places to 'babyproof' in your home, now that your little one is mobile and reaching higher. Get down to his/her eye level to see what dangers or temptations are present.
• They are off before you realize it! Keep a close eye on them at all times.
• Have alarms on doors to your patio if you have a pool. Or keep the door securely locked, even when you are home.
• All family members (adults, older siblings and grandparents) MUST cooperate with your safety rules and issues. One slip, and there could be serious consequences.
• Use furniture that is small and low, designed just for their size.
• Do not place any furniture under windows.
• Secure furniture to walls, just in case they decide to practice their climbing skills.
• They grow fast at this age. As you do laundry, rotate out their clothes, packing away (or donating) items they have outgrown. Anything seasonal this year will not fit them next year.
• Keep a hamper in their closet or bedroom. Teach them early to use it.
• Always have an extra set or two of clothes with you when you travel, no matter how short the trip.
• Keep them stimulated by rotating out their toys. Pack some away for a month or two, then bring them out and put others away. It will be like Christmas all year round.
• Donate toys that no longer hold their interest, no matter how much YOU like it.
• Enroll them in preschool for socialization, or arrange playdates with other moms of tots in the area.

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