Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Clutter-Free Gifts for the Holidays

We all deal with clutter in different ways.  Some of us handle it as it comes into the home.  Some go on weekend binges and clean out large areas of the home in a day or two.  Others wait until January, and make the resolution to get more organized.  Then life happens...

So my question is, do you really want to add to your clutter over the holidays?  Do you want to add clutter to others' homes?  Why would you?  Wouldn't life be easier if you DIDN'T add to the many piles already accumulated? 

And yet, it's fun to exchange gifts.  So how about buying clutter-free gifts?  Gifts that won't get shoved to the back of a closet or end up under the bed?  Here are some ideas:

For the techie in your life:
  • A subscription to online back-up storage
  • Useful apps for their phone/tablet
  • An eBook reader to consolidate their book collection
  • A wireless digital frame to enjoy family photos
  • Software for their computer
  • Pay for a subscription to Amazon Prime - unlimited downloads and free shipping!
For the family:
  • What's on their bucket list that you can check off?
  • Go out to a nice dinner, no electronic devices allowed!
  • Plan a weekend getaway with the family
  • Hire a photographer for a family portrait session
  • Offer to baby-sit for nieces/nephews and grandchildren
  • Buy a gift certificate for a day (or afternoon) at the spa
  • Start a savings account for your grandchildren
  • Pay for a membership to a museum, botanic garden, or health club
For the elderly:
  • Consumables - their favorite desserts, fruits or teas
  • Time - spend time visiting.  Use it to write down family history and anecdotes.
  • Cleaning service for their home
  • Hire a handyman for a day to fix those little things
  • Create a coupon book for errands or services, like a trip to the library or a shampoo and cut.
Still not sure what to do?  Donate to a charitable cause close to the person’s heart.  Don’t give to a charity of your choice, rather select a cause that is dear to them, and make a donation in their name.  You'll both feel good, and others will benefit.

What clutter-free gifts have you exchanged with others?

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