Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Using Your Doors for Storage

Tips for Tuesday

We’ve all seen storage racks for the door.  They can be used for shoes in your closet or mud room.  They can be used to hold towels in the bathroom or spices in the pantry.  But there are many more uses for door storage if you think outside the box.

For example, those shoe pockets come in handy for flip flops, but how about using it for hair accessories, small stuffed animals or socks for your child.  And those pantry racks are useful for canned goods, but they can hold paperback books, DVDs or accessories in your teen’s room. 

Here are more ideas for over-the-door storage:

·        Several towel bars can hold extra blankets and linens.

·        Hooks can hold purses and handbags

·        Small hooks inside a cabinet can hold measuring spoons.

·        Use pockets for a family communication center--mail, mp3 players, notepads,dog leashes, etc.

·        Use pockets inside your pantry to hold spices, small bags of food, plastic bags, etc.

·        Use a rack for giftwrap storage.

·        Use a rack or pockets for craft supplies.

·        Use “S” hooks to hold umbrellas.

What have you stored on your door? 


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Celeste said...

The back of my pantry door holds all my spices. The back of my sewing room door holds a bunch of different totes.