Friday, October 5, 2012

Hanging Door Organizers Not Just for Shoes

Frugal Friday

I am a big proponent of using vertical storage.  One product that is great for this is Over-the Door pockets.  They come in a variety of materials and sizes.  Some have large pockets for shoes, some have smaller pockets.  They are plastic, canvas or fabric.  And their uses are endless.  While these organizers used to be for shoes, now we can find many other uses for them.  Here are a few:

·        Bathroom--use for shampoo, toiletries, face cloths, hair accessories, etc.

·        Bedroom--use for small accessories like bracelets, scarves, bulky necklaces, and belts.

·        Bathroom--use for hair accessories like headbands, elastic bands, barrettes, and bows.

·        Pantry--Use for spices, small packages, small appliances, and appliance attachments.

·        Linen Closet--Use for medications, first aid supplies, and extra toiletries.

·        Bathroom--Use for cosmetics, brushes and nail polish.

·        Craft Room--Use for crafting supplies like scissors, glue, tape, and markers.

·        Use for toy storage, organizing pieces by toy, color or size.

·        Bedroom--Use for socks and tights.

·        Laundry Room--Use for cleaning supplies such as spray bottles, scrub brushes and rags.

·        Bedroom--Use for small stuffed animals.

And don’t forget to label the pockets so everything goes back where it belongs, and you know what to buy when the pocket is empty.

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