Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tips for Organizing Small Homes

Tips for Tuesday

When space is at a premium, finding a home for everything can be a challenge.  Even if you’ve de-cluttered and pared down your belongings, sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough room.  Here are some tips you can use in any area of your home to maximize use of the space.

·         Think vertical – Tall, narrow shelves use up less floor space. 

·         Install shelves on the walls wherever possible. This includes bedrooms and bathrooms as well as living spaces.

·         Hang hooks and organizers from the ceiling.  This is especially useful in kitchens and garages.

·         Use the backs of doors for shelving or pocket organizers. 

·         Use space under your cabinets for spice racks, utensil racks, etc.

·         Use the space under furniture (beds, sofas, etc.) for storage.  There are plastic containers built specifically for this purpose.

·         Purchase multi-purpose furniture-storage ottomans, storage benches, etc.

·         Install or place organizers in cabinets (wire racks, pull-out drawers, etc.) to maximize storage space.

·         Install hooks in small spaces to hold coats, belts, leashes, aprons, etc.

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